What is it?

ScarWork Therapy was developed by the American therapist Sharon Wheeler. Sharon trained with Dr Ida Rolf, founder of Rolfing. 

ScarWork is a gentle, non-invasive and usually painless treatment to help integrate and reconnect the surface scar with the underlying tissue structure. This intern improves the functionality of the scar tissue, reducing pain, restriction, redness, numbness and possibly improving its appearance. It usually requires a few treatments.


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Karen Silverstone



“Having worked in the area of Soft Tissue Therapy for a number of years, there is an industry requirement for Continued Professional Development (CPD).  I  discovered ScarWork through The SMA and realised that this would  benefit many of my existing client base as well as helping many new clients with scars. There are only a limited number of ScarWork Therapists nationally and I am proud to be one of them. 


Previously I had trained as a sports & remedial massage practitioner after having a sports massage due to reoccurring injury and have never looked back.


After qualifying and setting up Silverstone Soft Tissue Therapy, I also have worked at Fulham Football Club, BodyBalance Physiotherapy, English Institute of Sport and Tass (Talented Athlete Scholarship scheme) working with many funded up and coming elite athletes from a wide range of sports. A highlight was working at the 2012 London Olympics & Paralympics.   I have also provided pre and post treatment at the London Marathon and many regional events. 


Additionally I have continued with my professional development, doing a wide range of courses, these include; pregnancy massage, advanced medical acupuncture, Kenisio Taping.”

I felt really relaxed and comfortable with Karen, the ScarWork Therapy really made a noticeable difference


Karen Silverstone on 07910 395415
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